MOBackup 10.60

A handy way to keep safe your important Outlook data!

MOBackup is a simple Wizard-driven software that enables a user to perform regular backups to his profile data from Microsoft Outlook 2000 and above.
When you start a new backup job, you can specify a lot of parameters through five steps, like the extra elements that you can include (print and page settings, customized toolbars, defined categories...) and also some bonuses from other programs totally unrelated to Outlook (like Firefox and Opera Favorites, Office AutoCorrection lists, and the Windows address book).
When confirm the 5th step, we get a new file like Outlook_2008-07-18_19-28-07.mobackup
It's very important to keep this file in a safe media, and you can password protect it if you want.
In case your computer breaks down and doesn't work anymore, or you just want to format the disk and reinstall your PC, you can use this file to restore all your data like an act of magic!

It's a shame that Outlook Express is not supported by this program, despite it's the most used e-mail client all around the world...
Anyway, certainly I like these colorful butterflies decorating the GUI...

Review summary


  • The backup process made easy and complete!


  • So useful, however it's not for free
  • Outlook Express not supported
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